Macedonia has worst COVID-19 death rates in the world


Macedonia is at the very top of the world not only in terms of the official number of COVID-19 victims, but also in terms of excess deaths, which includes those who died at home who were never tested for COVID-19, according to the ranking of the prestigious “Economist” weekly magazine.

Professor of theoretical mechanics Dejan Trajkovski, who shared the data on Facebook, says that it is important to point out that the Macedonian figures taken into account in the analysis of “Economist” are until June 30, 2021, before the summer wave, caused by the Delta strain of the virus.

Macedonia is on the third place on the list of “Economist”, right after Peru and Bulgaria.

In the meantime, the number of deaths in our country has increased considerably, while in Bulgaria it has stagnated, so we will probably be in second place after the end of the third quarter. Peru is not far either, because they have already come out of winter, and here it is yet to come. The calculations are made with the official population of the country of 2.08 million. If we count with 1.7 million inhabitants, the excess mortality in our country is 615 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, which is more even than Peru, i.e. with the June data we were the first in the world, said Professor Trajkovski.

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