Nikoloski: Failure to put Filipche’s resignation on the agenda aims to protect crimes that cost people’s lives


According to the agreement, the Parliament works only until next Friday, because then the campaign for the local elections begins and the goal is to “overshadow” this whole period of about ten days and the resignation of VenkoFilipche not to be submitted to Parliament, and at the same time not to put an end to the dismissal of the Minister of Health as requested by VMRO-DPMNE, said the Vice President of the opposition party AleksandarNikoloski.

“The goal is clear, and that is to protect incompetence and crime that cost people’s lives,” Nikoloski concluded on Wednesday.

He reiterated that today the parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE will ask Parliament Speaker TalatXhaferi to put Health Minister VenkoFilipche’s resignation on the agenda the and reminded that Prime Minister ZoranZaev persistently refuses to send the said resignation to Parliament, which, according to Nikoloski, indicates in particular that within the internal agreements between them, the idea is that this resignation should never be realized.

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