Sela: Regarding the Tetovo modular hospital fire, not only the Minister of Health, but also the Prime Minister should resign  


A public figure has a public responsibility and for a case like this with the modular hospital in Tetovo must be held accountable, the Alliance for Albanians leader Zijadin Sela told TV 24.

“Imagine the Prime Minister coming out and not accepting the moral resignation of the Health Minister. We see that this is a game of manipulating the anger of those who have lost loved ones in order for everything to go as if nothing had happened. How he will decide on the moral responsibility of the minister. How is it possible that there is not a shred of responsibility, accountability and resignations must exist even in the positions to be the cleanest people,” says Sela.

According to Sela, in such a situation, the Prime Minister should resign, not just give meaningless statements.

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