Ziberi: Digital textbooks incur additional costs for parents, not all are equipped with appropriate quality education devices


Ombudsman Naser Ziberi in an interview with TV 24 pointed out that a number of shortcomings have been identified in education in Macedonia, from lack of water, lack of textbooks, to problems with internet, electricity and digital textbooks introduced this year for fourth graders.

“There is a problem for monitoring the teaching of the fourth graders for whom the textbooks in paper form have been abolished, but teaching with digital textbooks is performed, and digital textbooks cause additional cost for the parents because the existing devices do not have the capacity and memory to use those contents. Not all households are equipped with appropriate devices for quality student involvement in the educational process,” Ziberi said.

The Ombudsman pointed out that last year they conducted a research in which a number of problems were identified.

“Schools face a lack of hygiene and disinfectants during a pandemic, and parents often cover those costs, even though it is the responsibility of municipalities and schools. There are countless rural schools that do not even have drinking water, a problem with the supply of textbooks. We conducted research last year and identified a number of problems. Such as the capacity and quality of the Internet, electricity supply, devices for monitoring classes,” Ziberi pointed out.



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