Dr. Cana: The decisions of the Commission on Infectious Diseases are more political than professional


Most of the measures taken by the Commission on Infectious Diseases were really illogical and people who have little understanding of infectious diseases see that these are more decisions made by a political agreement than professional ones, said Dr. Fadil Cana of the Infectious Diseases Clinic in an interview with Alfa TV.

He also says that the current wave of the COVID-19 epidemic in Macedonia has worsened due to the large influx of emigrants who came to the country during the summer, who then, as is the case in Switzerland, filled hospitals in Western countries.

Regarding the responsibility for the catastrophic fire in Tetovo, in which 14 people died, Dr. Cana reiterated his position that if he had been in the place of Minister Filipche, he would have resigned after the tragedy.

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