Inspectors demolish the citizens’ illegal fences, and don’t do anything about Shilegov, says VMRO-DPMNE


The inspectors demolish even the fences of the citizens when they were built illegally, but they do not do anything about Shilegov, even though he constructed the whole floor of the building in front of their eyes, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release.

“The inspectorates should act after receiving information and they do it when it comes to an ordinary citizen, but not when the one who builds without a permit is called Petre Shilegov and is the outgoing mayor of Skopje. The Municipality of Karposh, headed by Stefan Bogoev and the inspectorates under it, are accomplices in Shilegov’s crime. Instead of going out on the field and demolishing the illegal construction floor of Shilegov’s building, the institutions resorted to covering it up and helping it. Shilegov has the land under the building in his name a few days after the illegal construction affair broke out, there is no greater evidence that he built illegally. Shilegov’s illegal construction should be demolished, and the institutions should determine how and with what money Shilegov built, whether there are invoices for paid construction services and where the money comes from, whether that money is reported in Shilegov’s property list or it is about funds that did not report them?,” says the opposition party.

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