Deadline for confirmation of lists of candidates for mayors and councilors expires, until September 23 to draw


Saturday night expired the deadline by which the Municipal Election Commissions (MECs) had to officially confirm all lists of candidates for mayors and members of the municipal councils and the Council of the City of Skopje submitted by political parties, coalitions and groups of citizens to participate in local elections scheduled for October 17.

The MEC submits the confirmed lists to the State Election Commission (SEC), which has until September 23 to draw lots for their order on the ballots. Candidates for mayors and councilor lists of one party or coalition receive the same ordinal number in all municipalities. After the draw, the confirmed candidate lists will be published on the SEC website and announced by the election boards.

Also, no later than September 23, the authorized representatives of all political parties, i.e. the submitters of lists of candidates for local elections, at the central level, are expected to sign a Code of Fair and Democratic Elections, organized by the SEC and in cooperation with NDI.

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