Political parties sign Code for fair and democratic elections


Political parties signed Thursday a Code for Fair and Democratic Elections, committing to a democratic electoral process that observes the fundamental human rights and freedoms, towards transparent, inclusive and accountable elections.

Representatives of the two largest parties, Zoran Zaev of VMRO-DPMNE and Vlado Misajlovski of VMRO-DPMNE, were the first to sign the Code, followed by Fatmir Besimi (DUI), Bilal Kasami (BESA), Goran Milevski (LDP), Maja Morachanin (DOM), Zijadin Sela (Alliance for Albanians), Afrim Gashi (Alternativa), as well as parties DPA, GROM, Democratic Party of Turks, Party for the Movement of Turks, Levica, Integra, PODEM, Bosnia Democratic Union, Titovi Levi Sili and Zelen Human Grad.

State Election Commission (SEC) President Aleksandar Dashtevski said the elections and other political processes are key to the quality of the country’s management, they can largely enhance the country’s long-term democratic development, as well as the priorities, regional and global foreign policies, whereas the most fundamental principle that defines credible elections is the free expression of the people’s will.

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