Chepreganov warns of danger of erasure in history: Macedonians did not invent fascism


By revising the Macedonian history, as the Bulgarian politicians are trying to impose, and ours, the Macedonians accept, we cannot correct the mistakes made by Bulgaria in its past, says historian Todor Chepreganov, former director of the Institute of National History of Macedonia in statement for Nova Makedonija.

He warns of the danger of confusion in Macedonian history if the designation “Bulgarian” before “fascism” is removed, in the description of the events and (evil) acts committed in Macedonia during World War II.

“We, the Macedonians, have not invented fascism! In history, the term is bounded by a time, a period when events and works took place that dramatically affected the whole world. By revising the Macedonian history, as the Bulgarian politicians are trying to impose (and ours, the Macedonians accept) we cannot correct the mistakes that Bulgaria made in its past. Even in their historical documents it is written that the Bulgarian Communist Party fought against the fascist government of Filov and Tsar Boris. Fascism and Nazism are systems that existed and intertwined in an important period of the history of the 20th century, but no generalization can be made, but in each country that has accepted it has certain characteristics. Well, history speaks of Italian fascism, German national fascism, Hungarian fascism, the fascist government of General Petten in France, and even the fascist government of Bulgaria, which logically implies a period of Bulgarian fascism. Moreover, if the qualification “Bulgarian” before “fascism” in the Macedonian textbooks and monuments is erased, one can create a delusion who committed the crimes during the Second World War in Macedonia: such as the Holocaust of the Jews, the severed head of Nevena Georgieva-Dunja, the murders of the Vatash youth… Tomorrow Bulgaria may ask us to admit that, in fact, the Macedonians in Macedonia committed those crimes… It is not generalized in history – everything has time and space. Macedonian politicians are biting too much, believing (without thinking) that by revising their own history they will achieve some current political goal,” says historian Todor Chepreganov.

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