There is a building near the Tetovo hospital of solid construction that only needed to be equipped, says MP


There are huge oversights by the government, and the latest information says that in Tetovo there was no need to set up a modular hospital at all, because within the hospital there was an existing building of solid construction with two floors unused, all that had to be done was to equip that part, in the same way as the modular hospital was equipped, accuses VMRO-DPMNE MP Mile Lefkov.

“Why did Filipche and Hasani decide to set up a modular hospital in Tetovo at all? Is the modular hospital just set up to realize the tender that Brako won? Did Filipche and Hasani unnecessarily build the modular hospital in Tetovo for someone else’s profit? Will the huge number of mistakes, misjudgments and reckless things now be paid by some officials instead of the top of the government? “ asked the opposition MP.

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