Arsovska: Skopje needs a manager who will offer solutions to the problems of Skopje residents, not another politician


Skopje will not elect a mayor in these elections because it needs another politician more or less. I believe that he will elect a mayor because he needs a manager, a man who can offer, but also to realize fast and reliable solutions, to contribute to our huge problems to become a thing of the past. That is why I often want to say in my addresses, I am not running for politician, I am running for manager of the city, said on Monday Daniela Arsovska, candidate for mayor of Skopje.

“I will not stop offering my extended hand. I ask for support from everyone and everyone. I extend my hand to all citizens of Skopje. The political determination of these elections should not divide us. In these elections we choose people who need to know how to deal with the problems we have and to offer fast and reliable solutions, how to overcome those same problems. I call on the people of Skopje, all the people who love Skopje to join us. This city will be more beautiful and cleaner again, it will have order and it will be modern and contemporary, just as it suits us,” said the independent candidate for mayor Arsovska at Monday’s promotion of the programme for the upcoming local elections.

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