Mickoski: Divisions must stop, the people must unite – the future is in the changes that are coming


Do you live a better life? Is this normal? We see apathy and chaos. People are disappointed. Divisions must stop, and the citizens must unite, says VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.

The opposition leader pointed out that the future was in the changes that are coming, and that they were the ones that will bring those changes, he told the citizens.

“Changes that create projects, projects that create victories, victories that bring a new future. Better, brighter and happier. With your seal! Deserved! We have a programme and we guarantee that we will fulfill it! Learned from mistakes, with rooted weaknesses, aware of the responsibility we take on. Come out and vote! Create a new future,” said Mickoski.

The election campaign for the Local Elections 2021, scheduled for October 17, started Monday and will end on October 15.

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