Local Elections 2021 Campaign kicks off: VMRO-DPMNE traditionally starts in Ohrid, SDSM in Bitola


The election campaign for the Local Elections 2021 scheduled for October 17 starts today and will last for 20 days, i.e. until October 15 at midnight. Political parties and independent candidates have already announced their activities in the campaign, although most of the candidates for mayors and councilors in recent months have already had informal meetings with citizens and presentation of their programs on social media.

The largest parties and coalitions start the campaign almost traditionally from the same cities.

The central event of the caravan “The best for your municipality” led by SDSM is scheduled in Bitola, and previously the caravan will be with the citizens of Demir Hisar. On Tuesday, the caravan is in the Skopje municipalities of Cair and Kisela Voda, followed by a pre-election convention of the candidate for mayor and the list of councilors for the City of Skopje.

VMRO-DPMNE will lead the campaign for the local elections under the slogan “Create a new future”, and will start with a gathering at the Ancient Theater in Ohrid, and during the day the program will be presented in Skopje by the candidate for mayor of Skopje Danela Arsovska, who is backed by the opposition party.

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