Mickoski: While they are stealing and lying Macedonia is sinking, it is a collective shame, and the chance to change it is on October 17


In one thing I admit that they are the best, they are the best in stealing and lying, there is no equal for them, but the problem is that while they are stealing and lying, Macedonia is sinking, we are sinking with them. Macedonia today is unfortunately the most corrupt country in Europe. A country led by criminal politicians in the Government is our collective shame, said HristijanMickoski, leader of opposition VMRO-DPMNE t the pre-election rally in Gostivar.

Mickoski added that the chance to change this collective shame is October 17th.

“That is why I say that these are not ordinary elections, 14 people were burned alive and instead of having responsibility, we see the one who should bear not only moral and political responsibility, but also criminal, we see him as a clown walking around and announcing them like in a circus those candidates small pupils. How he is not ashamed. We are the worst at dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Because instead of creating protocols, building hospitals, and procuring vaccines, they went after commissions,” Mickoskistressed.

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