Zaev: Solution with Bulgaria should be sought though dialogue


We are friendly countries and our people are close. As immediate neighbors with Bulgaria, we should cooperate. The road to solution is through talks and though dialogue, Prime Minister ZoranZaev told reporters on Sunday.

PM Zaev said the conclusion of the election processes in both North Macedonia and Bulgaria is the first reason to have a good chance.

“The second reason is to be on the right track in the negotiations. Mutual understanding is more visible in the process,” he stated.

Asked what his expectations are from the EU-Western Balkans Summit, Zaev said it won’t be a decision-making, but a political forum dedicated to the Western Balkan countries.

“I believe that a clear message regarding EU enlargement will be sent to the Western Balkans through adequate formulations, concrete gestures and serious decisions,” he said adding it would further motivate Bulgaria and North Macedonia to close outstanding issues by the end of the year and open a new chapter of cooperation.

The prime minister added that during the crisis, trade between Macedonia and Bulgaria increased by 20% compared to last year.

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