Dramatic increase in food prices – prices to go up by 50 percent, business accuses the country of not listening


Dramatic increase in food prices, in some sectors and 40-50 percent, processors announce. They demand an urgent meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Bitiqi to find appropriate solutions that would mitigate the impact of the price shock on consumers.

As it was said today at a press conference at the Chamber of Commerce, given the world trends, there will certainly be price increases, but how much they will be, mostly depends on the country and what decisions will be made. Prices of only delicacies are expected to increase by 20-40 percent, but there will be an increase in the price of bread.

The chamber will propose to reactivate the campaign for buying domestic products.

Domestic companies in the processing industry, he stressed, are facing rising prices for raw materials. The basic production costs of the farmers have increased by 70-80 percent, the foils and the energy have become more expensive. Direct costs in the dairy industry have increased by 10-11%, and on the other hand, farmers are putting pressure. The situation is similar in the meat industry. Everyone is committed to paying for quality, but for now this transformation is slow.

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