Poll: Arsovska with 4.8 percent lead ahead of Shilegov, VMRO-DPMNE leads in Butel, Shtip and Veles, SDSM in Strumica


Danela Arsovska leads with 4.8 percent ahead of Petre Shilegov, show the results of the second poll of the AXIOS Institute.

According to the poll, 18.3 percent of respondents said they would vote for Danela Arsovska, an independent candidate backed by VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition, in the local elections for mayor of Skopje. 13.5 percent would vote for Petre Shilegov. Third is the candidate of the Left Petar Georgievski for whom 5.7 percent of the respondents will vote. 5% would vote for Beni Shaqiri from DPM and LDP and 4.2% for Ana Petrovska.

The other candidates combined received 9.4 percent of the citizens’ support. It is interesting that 20.4 percent of the citizens said they would not vote and 23.5 percent didn’t give an answer.

The survey for Skopje, according to AXIOS, was conducted on a representative sample of 795 respondents in the period from September 24 to 29 with a margin of error of 2 percent.

At a stratified sample on the territory of the City of Skopje of 795 respondents.

  1. Which candidate for mayor will you vote for in the next local elections in the City of Skopje?

Petre Shilegov – SDSM 13.5 percent

Danela Arsovska – independent candidate 18.3 percent

Pero Georgievski- Left 5.7 percent

Arben Shaqiri – DOM and LDP 5 percent

Ana Petrovska – independent candidate 4.2 percent

Another candidate 9.4 percent

None 20.4 percent

I do not know – I have no answer 23.5 percent

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