Short-circuit in defibrillator cable caused Tetovo hospital fire, confirms report


The expertise report regarding the fire at the Tetovo modular hospital on September 8, drafted by the Ministry of Interior’s Forensics Department, has been delivered to the Tetovo Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office. The expertise has established the existence of traces of an electrical short-circuit in the materials taken from the site of the fire, and traces that are significant in determining the cause for the modular hospital fire that claimed 14 lives, said the Public Prosecutor’s Office of North Macedonia (PPO) on Tuesday.

“The expertise has established that the fire was caused by an electrical short-circuit in a cable of a defibrillator during its use on a patient in one of the hospital rooms. The cable’s overheating caused an ignition in the socket box of an extension cord where the defibrillator was plugged in alongside a cell phone charger and another device,” says the PPO.

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