Former judge Tufegdzic claims PM Zaev compromises the investigation into the tragedy in the Tetovo hospital


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, with today’s statement, compromises the investigation into the fire in the modular hospital in Tetovo, in which 14 people died, claims Vladimir Tufegdzic, a longtime judge and recently lawyer after resigning from the position of judge in the organized crime department of the Basic Criminal Court in Skopje.

“It is inadmissible in a state governed by the rule of law for political purposes and interests, as the first politician among equals, to use ONE partial material evidence obtained through a prosecutorial investigation, which has full probative value when assessed individually and as a whole in correlation with other evidence obtained in the investigation.

In this way, the policy directly affects the further course of the independent and impartial investigation of the tragedy in the modular hospital and completely compromises the further investigation, reducing the cause of the tragedy of 14 people to a five-piece extension cable.

“The extension cord is only part of the mosaic of investigative actions and evidence, which, valued as a whole, have yet to provide the answer in terms of responsibility,” Tufegdzic wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.



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