Urgent Parliament session to remove Filipche and Hasani from office


The VMRO-DPMNE parliamentary group will submit an initiative to convene an emergency session of the Parliament with two items on the agenda – Decision on dismissal of Health Minister Venko Filipche and decision on dismissal of Deputy Minister of Health Ilir Hasani, said MP Antonio Miloshoski.

“Our question to the parliamentary majority and the Government is how many more people need to be burned alive as patients in order to bear political and objective responsibility for such a tragedy which is a result of the irresponsibility of the government? Miloshoski said.

The MP reminded that 5 days ago in Romania a fire broke out in a hospital with 5 lives lost.

“In Macedonia a month ago the modular hospital in Tetovo burned down, but in Romania the whole government fell, and in Macedonia the extension cable fell with which Prime Minister Zaev underestimates the intelligence of all citizens and wants to hide the responsibility of his collector Venko Filipche, Minister of Health. Therefore, we believe that the green agenda of DUI and SDSM, unfortunately, burned with the Tetovo modular hospital, which burned the principle of political and objective responsibility of public office holders who should take care of the health of citizens, and we see that health and the lives of 14 people were a collateral damage to the irresponsible government,” added Milososki.

VMRO-DPMNE expects the Parliament Speaker in accordance with Articles 67 and 68 to schedule the session of the Parliament in less than 10 days, because the party believes that this situation is urgent and should be resolved immediately.

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