Registration for voting of disabled citizens ends Saturday midnight, while for those with COVID-19 on October 11


The first round of the Local Elections 2021 will be held on October 17. The activities for the elections of both the State Election Commission and the participants in the elections are finishing. The first to exercise their right to vote in this election will be those who register to vote as disabled or ill, infected with COVID-19 or in self-isolation, prisoners, detainees, nursing homes and internally displaced persons. They vote the day before, on October 16, and for them to determine their identity and check if they have already voted will not be done with biometric identification devices, but will use a spray and a UV lamp.

The application to the Municipal Election Commissions for voting of the ill and infirm ends Saturday (October 9 at midnight), while the deadline for people with COVID-19 or in self-isolation ends on October 11 at midnight.

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