Vangelov, Kuzmanovski, Begova and Nesimi winners of the prestigious “October 11” award



On the occasion of October 11 – Day of the People’s Uprising, today in the Crystal Hall of the Assembly, the state award “October 11” was awarded.

The Board for awarding the state award for lifetime achievement in the field of science and education awarded the award to the philologist prof. Dr. Atanas Vangelov. In the field of culture and art, the award was given to the academic painter Pavle Kuzmanovski, the actress Bedia Begova and the political scientist Mahi Nesimi.

“We all need to do our job properly, on time. This is the only way we will thank and repay the uneducated Macedonian youth who on this day 80 years ago shouted loudly to be heard in Berlin, Rome and Sofia “Death to fascism, freedom to the people,” said Board member said Atanas Kostovski.

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