Businessman Kamchev: I was searched outside, lying on the ground, while other prisoners laughed at me


Businessman Orce Kamchev was taken from the pre-trial prison “Skopje” to the Prosecutor’s Office for questioning for an investigation and was treated in a degrading and humiliating manner on October 5, accused lawyer Toni Menkinoski, repoets

During the transfer, Kamchev was taken from Shutka to the Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecution of Organized Crime and Corruption in a humiliating and degrading manner.

I ask you ex officio to take action, to investigate the case, said lawyer Menkinoski, at Tuesday’s trial for “Plots on Vodno”, addressing the judge.

He added that Kamchev was pushed to the ground and searched.

The handcuffs were so tight behind his back that there was no blood circulation in his hands, the lawyer added.

Kamchev himself confirmed that it was a matter of humiliation.

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