Arsovska: I believe that as a person and as a woman I will be able to cope well with what’s ahead


 In any case, what is important in this segment, but not only in the Association of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia, generally in the World Federation of Chambers where I am one of the people who manage over 12,700 chambers around the world, must first to be a human being, to be a professional and people see that, said the candidate for mayor of the City of Skopje Danela Arsovska during a morning show on Alfa TV.

“We have shown and proved that there are people in Macedonia that we should be proud of. We need to stimulate, not only until now, but also from now on the young generations who we see have great potential in themselves, who we see bring something with them,” she said.

“I am not afraid of challenges. The whole life of each of us is a challenge in itself, and this is something new for me because I think that this game is a little more dishonest than the rest that has happened so far in my life and work. However, I believe that both as a person and as a woman I will be able to cope well with what’s ahead of me, and the most important thing for me was to show that someone who is not a politician can succeed in such a race and that I can as an independent candidate for mayor to win, ” said Arsovska.

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