Slightly higher inflation expected, claims National Bank


The National Bank Operational Monetary Policy Committee assessed that the current policy rate is appropriate to the current economic and financial environment, and decided to keep it the same at 1.25%, preserving a relaxed monetary policy. The Committee also assessed that the current banking system liquidity is appropriate and decided to offer the same amount of Denar 10 billion at today’s CB bill auction.

The macroeconomic indicators are generally as expected and the perceptions for the monetary policy environment remain unchanged compared to the previous assessment, the National Bank Operational Monetary Policy Committee concluded at its regular meeting on Tuesday.

The comparison of the latest macroeconomic indicators of the domestic economy with their forecast dynamics does not show significant deviations in the individual segments of the economy, the National Bank said.

Inflation performances are slightly higher than expected, amid pronounced uncertainty in the movement of world prices of primary commodities in the period ahead,” the National Bank said in a press release.

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