Zaev: Chances for a solution with Bulgaria after the elections, Dimitrov called on Sofia to take responsibility


The issue of open issues between Macedonia and Bulgaria and its blockade was inevitably raised at the Western Balkans Summit organized by The Economist. Prime Minister Zaev stressed that our country has met the conditions for the start of negotiations with the European Union, and the chances of reaching a solution with official Sofia and unblocking it are possible after the elections in Bulgaria. We have issues before both sides and there is a solution, said Zaev.

“Recently I saw positive signals from Bulgaria. They understand that. When we talk to each other, even together at press conferences, they say Macedonian language and Macedonian people, but they do not officially acknowledge it. We hope that we will solve that as well. First of all, the issue of the blockade, I think that 50% of the chances will increase,” said Zoran Zaev.

Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov, referring to the recent Western Balkans summit in Brdo near Kranj, said that apart from the clear message from the European Union that the region should be integrated, there was no concrete solution. He also stressed that should take on its responsibility.

“Restoring the faith of the people here in the European future and that it is possible will depend on whether there is concrete action. It is not fair to blame the European Union for this, because it is a compromise organization of 27 member states, another is missing. Neighboring Sofia should take on its responsibility,” said Nikola Dimitrov.

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