Company founded last year to supply the Government with computers for 116,000 euros


Two weeks ago, the government signed a contract for the purchase of 40 laptops and 40 computers, as well as computer equipment and servers, for which it will spend 116,000 euros. The agreement was signed by the Secretary General Muhamed Zeqiri, and the winner of the tender is the Company for computer software, consulting, intermediation, production, trade and services IT SOLUTION M from Dolna Banjica, Gostivar.

The Government told that computers are needed for employees in the General Secretariat and in the Office of the Prime Minister.

“According to the Public Procurement Plan from 2021, and based on a request from the competent sector and a procurement decision, a procurement procedure for information equipment was conducted. The computers are needed for the employees of the General Secretariat and the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia,” the Government responded.

According to the data published on the website of the Public Procurement Bureau, it can be seen that four companies participated in the tender, and the Government emphasizes that they chose the bid with the lowest price.

-For the procurement of personal and laptop computers, four bidders have submitted bids. During the evaluation phase, two bidders were invited to an electronic auction, the other two were rejected.

After the completion of the electronic auction, a proposal was given for selection of the most favorable bid, i.e. the lowest price, say the Government.

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