Over 44 thousand invalid ballots in first election round


In the first round of the seventh local elections for mayors of 80 municipalities in the country, held on Sunday, invalid ballots comprised a total of 44,833. In the vote for mayor of Skopje, invalid ballots comprised 15,940 of a total of 228, 473 voters who exercised their right to vote.

According to the State Election Commission (SEC), Bitola has the most invalid ballots – 2,659, followed by Kumanovo – 2,076 and Gazi Baba – 2,020. The municipality of Plasnica has the lowest number of invalid ballots – 48, followed by Rankovce – 57 and CentarZhupa – 62.

A total of 848,104 voters exercised their right to vote in the first round of the local elections, i.e. 48.99% of the 1,824,864 voters eligible to vote.

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