Mickoski calls for a united opposition to overthrow the Government


The coalition for “Renewal of Macedonia” led by VMRO-DPMNE in these local elections won over 55,000 votes more than SDSM on the councilor lists. It is a convincing victory. A clear message to the Government, and a great responsibility for us, VMRO-DPMNE leaderHristijanMickoski said on Tuesday.

“Opposition votes and their common goal is a CHANGE OF GOVERNMENT AND A NEW FUTURE FOR MACEDONIA. That is why I call for a JOINT OPPOSITION. TOGETHER to the goal of a better and a new future. Each of our differences in the opposition is less than the common goal to overthrow this government so that Macedonia can move forward with all people. United opposition on the left, center and right, with one mission to overthrow this government, banditry and the constraints that bring poverty, miserable life and apathy. I outstretch my hand for unification and united opposition, and that is what the people want in this election. Macedonia has a future, Macedonia must win. We are one step away. Let us all do great things together, let the future come now. Together, all united to the goal,” Mickoski stressed.

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