Dimitrievski: We have usurped political parties transformed into joint stock companies operating at the request of an individual


The independent candidate for mayor of Kumanovo Maksim Dimitrievski in the debate on TV 24 stressed the usurpation of the system of the Ministry of Interior, something that today, 5 years later, should have been in the country.

“We spent a lot of time on the street together to prevent it from happening again. If you remember the slogans “No justice, no peace” and “we will never allow this to happen again”, it happens even more vulgarly in Kumanovo. What happened yesterday, I can only say that it was too promiscuous, because such involvement of the police in the election process and abuse of the positions of many police officers is unacceptable. Many of them directly engaged in the sixth administration, some in the personal security of Minister Spasovski, to directly participate in mounting an election process. But we will talk about that after the elections, now I want to focus exclusively on the projects and development of Kumanovo. After all, I spent four years on it. We have solved a number of problems, and some individuals, if they have virtue, will one day be ashamed,” Dimitrievski said.

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