74% of new COVID-19 cases and 76% of hospitalized are unvaccinated


The Ministry of Health published the analysis of vaccinated, from COVID-19 positive cases in the period between August 6 and October 21, in which people are vaccinated with two doses and at least 14 days have passed since receiving the second dose of vaccine.

“In the period from 06.08 to 21.10.2021 on the territory of the country 42,945 citizens are positive from tested on covid-19, 26% of them were fully vaccinated, i.e. 11,253 people. There is a large number of unvaccinated citizens who got infected with COVID-19. According to statistics for the past period 31,692, citizens, i.e. 74% of those positive for COVID-19 were not vaccinated. The percentage of hospitalized people who are not vaccinated is 76%, while only 24% of all currently hospitalized patients are fully vaccinated. Mortality among unvaccinated patients is drastically higher, the analysis shows.

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