EC makes progress in the area of ​​Macedonian foreign relations


Macedonia is moderately prepared in the field of foreign relations and has made some progress over the past year, the European Commission said in its 2021 Progress Report.

“North Macedonia has continued its good cooperation with the EU, including within the World Trade Organization (WTO). Additional Trade Facilitation Protocol 5 has been implemented, including the extension of the concept of Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs),” the report reads.

According to the Commission, the country’s institutional capacity to fully participate in EU trade, development and humanitarian policy is still insufficient.

“In the coming year, the country should in particular increase its overall administrative capacity in relation to trade policy, the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) and within the WTO, to implement the Action Plan for the development of the Common Regional Market 2021-2024 “to implement CEFTA Protocol No. 6 on Trade in Services and to negotiate and adopt CEFTA Protocol No. 7 on Dispute Resolution,” the European Commission said.


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