Candidate of “For our Kumanovo” initiative physically attacked by SDSM cadidate


The candidate for councilor from the civil initiative “For our Kumanovo” Nikolaj Pavlovski, at today’s press conference informed that a woman candidate for councilor from this civil initiative Hristina Aleksovska was attacked by the candidate for councilor from the ranks of SDSM Momir Petrushevski, and the case was reported in the Ministry of Interior.

“The violence does not stop! While the candidate for mayor from SDSM, Oliver Ilievski is pictured with banners against violence against women in politics, at the same time candidate for councilor from SDSM Momir Petrusevski commits violent behavior against a candidate for councilor from the civil initiative “For our Kumanovo”.Yesterday, on 24.10.2021 around 19:00, at the entrance of a building on Blvd. “October Revolution”, our candidate for councilor Hristina Aleksovska was forcibly deprived of propaganda material by Momir Petrushevski, candidate for councilor of SDSM and it was demonstratively destroyed. The case was reported to the Ministry of Interior,” said Pavlovski.

Accusations of violence were sent by the opposing camp on Sunday, as well.

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