Public Prosecutor illegally obtained evidence for “Plots on Vodno” via private email


The ordered action of the Public Prosecutor, a representative in the case “Plots on Vodno” continues on an even larger scale.

The defense of the businessman Orce Kamchev at today’s hearing before the Court, presented details and evidence for the illegal actions of the Prosecutor in the process of obtaining evidence and asked that the relevant evidence not be presented until all legal obstacles are removed, otherwise it will have to work with evidence that is illegitimate and illegal.

Namely, Prosecutor Lile Stefanova, via her private e-mail address, corresponded with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Cyprus, in this case the requested authority, in order to receive international legal assistance, thereby completely violating the procedure for obtaining evidence from requested countries, in the specific Cyprus case in accordance with Article 5 and Article 6 of the Law on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters.

As a basic illegality of this action is that Lile Stefanova does not inform the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Macedonia as a competent body, but skips it outside all procedures and contrary to the law, from a private e-mail address, addresses the Ministry for Justice of the Republic of Cyprus.

In addition, violating the communication procedure, contrary to the law, Lile Stefanova requested evidence WITHOUT APPLICATION which is a basic act on the basis of which evidence can be obtained from requested countries, otherwise, the obtained evidence is considered illegitimate because there is no legal basis on which they are obtained. In the evidence submitted to the defense, the request as a basic document is not attached at all.

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