European Commission: Air pollution in major cities in Macedonia remains a very worrying issue


During 2022, Macedonia should especially improve the intersectoral coordination and increase the financial resources for reducing air pollution at local and national level, to make significant steps in establishing a regional waste management system, to implement the Paris Agreement, including and to adapt to the Strategy and the laws with the EU framework 2030, it is stated in the Report of the European Commission on the progress of the country, regarding the environment.

The European Union promotes strong climate action, sustainable development and environmental protection. European legislation contains provisions relating to climate change, water and air quality, waste management, nature protection, industrial pollution, chemicals, noise and civil protection. North Macedonia, according to the Report, has some level of readiness in that area.

Limited progress has been made in the area of ​​nature conservation and climate change. However, implementation in all sectors remains a matter of concern. The country is encouraged to move ambitiously towards the Green Transition, especially in the context of the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans. Most of last year’s recommendations have not been implemented, the report said.

Regarding the environment, the EC notes that the administrative capacity at all levels remains weak, with insufficient financial resources to implement and strengthen existing legislation.

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