Mickoski: The people are absolutely aware of the Government’s bad policies


Zaev may say that a 100 billion times, but there is a saying –what does a ton mean to a person, so he could say it a 100, I do not know why he said 12 billion. I do not think that anyone in Macedonia believes what ZoranZaev will say. I will say again that the people are aware of what has been happening in Macedonia for the past 52 months – said VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski, asked by the media in Kochani.

Mickoski added that in Macedonia the people are absolutely aware of the bad policies pursued by the SDSM and DUI government in the past 52 months.

“The people are absolutely aware, they showed it in the first election round, and they will show it in the second round. So I will not be surprised if tomorrow they say 100 billion that they will invest, but unfortunately the only thing we got were defeats, crime, corruption and sale of everything that someone paid with his life in the past,” said Mickoski.

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