PHOTO: The documents have been doctored, there is no DanelaArsovska from Skopje in the system of the Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria


There are several Danielas with the surname Arsovska exist in the system of the Ministry of Interior and the Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, but not one of them has the number of certificates presented by SDSM official SlavjankaPetrovskaat a press conference.

After a short search in the voting system, the register of the Agency for Bulgarians Abroad and the Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria, you will find several persons bearing name and surname – Daniela Arsovska, but none of these persons is registered in the register under the certificate number 1688/2007 as presented by SlavjankaPetrovska from the ranks of SDSM at a press conference, reports news portal

According to the data from the Election Commission of Bulgaria, in the last elections, a certain Daniela Arsovska voted in the elections, but she was born in Strumica, not in Skopje.

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