Kochani: SDSM members threaten Mickocki in front of a police station (VIDEO)


Tensions continue in Kochani, where the Infomax news crew was verbally assaulted in a Roma settlement where they were trying to film a party headquarters that was open during the election silence and where, as one of those present there said, lists were being made.

The reporters were verbally assaulted, after which their car was blocked and they were not allowed to leave.

The reporters, along with Hristijan Mickoski and MP Mile Lefkov, went to the police station to report the event. The police officers, at the same time as the applicants, called the persons found in the party headquarters who immediately appeared in front of the police station and continued with the threats against Lefkov, Mickoski and the Infomax reporters.

The persons made insulting remarks and threatened the complainants, repeating that they had no right to film.

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