Mickoski expects early elections as the government gets delegitimized


Macedonia is too important for small dreams, fear never builds the future, but it builds hope, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski told Sunday’s press conference after his party declared victories in many municipalities throughout Macedonia.

Mickoski said that Macedonia must change, and the changes, as he says, have started today.

“All together for a new future, together and in harmony to realize the dream we have been dreaming of for 30 years. Tell our brothers and sisters from all over Macedonia that this is the day when change begins. Changes for the better, changes for the image of the state, changes for unification, for a better life, for a better standard. This is a convincing victory and this is a victory for the people of Macedonia. We won in Bitola with a difference of more than 3,000 votes. We won in Brvenica, Vasilevo, Vevcani, with more than 2,000 votes we won in Gevgelija. Today, quite by accident, the whole of Demir Hisar was left without electricity, but we won there as well. We also have a victory in Zelenikovo. Konche is again with the mayor of VMRO-DPMNE, and I want to congratulate him on the victory in Kochani. We won as a coalition in Kratovo with more than 1,000 votes, and I am very happy that we won in Lozovo. Yesterday I was having coffee in Makedonska Kamenica, where we also won. Makedonski Brod also has a new mayor, and we won Ohrid with more than 4,000 votes. Pehchevo has a new mayor, and I am very happy that we won in Radovish with a margin of over 2,000 votes. We also won in Resen, Cheshinovo and Obleshevo, and I am very happy that we also won in Rankovce, where there was brutal pressure from the government. The coalition partner Stevcho Jakimovski won in Karposh, and the victory of Danela Arsovska in the City of Skopje is especially great. Skopje is a free city, just as Macedonia is getting rid of the hybrid regime,” said Mickoski.

Success is possible because faith is secure, he added.

“Thanks to the political parties that supported us like Alternativa, Alliance for Albanians, thanks to Levica’s Dimitar Apasiev, because we all broke down barriers and proved that a broad opposition front is possible. We have shown that despite the differences, we can unite around a common goal, and that is Macedonia without corruption and Macedonia with a stable system. The opposition bloc will bring a huge victory in the next parliamentary elections, which are very likely to be early. Thanks also to the LDP-DOM coalition for allowing their voters to vote on their own terms. Let us rejoice today, but we should not celebrate too much, because everything that happened between the two rounds of this election is something we should not forget. Violent behavior, bribery and blackmail must not be forgotten,” said Mickoski.

Regarding the new parliamentary majority, Mickoski adds that ‘we should leave it to time to answer many questions”.

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