Zaev cannot even resign without someone commanding him


Just when we thought that the virtue of our politicians started functioning with the resignation of Zoran Zaev from the Prime Minister’s office and SDSM leader after the convincing defeat in the local elections, we were fooled.

The very next day, the requests and pleads started for Zaev not to resign from officeand that it was a statement given with emotions from the results of the local elections.

On the social media, a post-election poster is persistently posted, asking their hero Zaev not to resign.

In the explanation of his resignation, he did not mention that the said resignation is irrevocable, so scenarios for his skipping resignation were included, i.e. the majority in the Parliament to say “no” to the Prime Minister and ask for a third session with Zaev.

But such calculations are not in conflict with the legislator, who says that after Zaev submits his resignation, the MPs only state it, there is no room for calculations or additional embarrassment of SDSM, in case someone dares to demand the return of the Prime Minister.

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