Nikoloski: Zaev’s no-show in court speaks volumes about the side of the truth


This was a really long hearing and I think there was no need considering that we had the final words in writing, but here I thank you for your attention. I hope that the inexperience will not affect the decision in this case, given that the judge has changed. So far it has been conducted correctly, I hope it will remain so, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski, who gave a statement to the media in front of the Civil Court on Wednesday.

“I’m absolutely convinced that Zoran Zaev cannot win this dispute against me in the defamation lawsuit. In fact, the best proof of that is that he did not show up at the hearing. To remind the public that he is suing me, I am not suing him. And he does not show up to the hearings where he is suing me,” Nikoloski said.

“His absence in court speaks volumes about whose side the truth is on. And the truth is clear and simple, it is that in Macedonia there was extortion, and that subjects of extortion were more than one businessman, that many funds were racketeered that there was a clear pyramid and it is clear who was at the top of that pyramid. I expect the court to rule in my favor,” Nikoloski added.

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