Ahmeti condemns Dardishta’s statement: It is against DUI’s cause


Leader of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) Ali Ahmeti condemned the statement of the former director of joint services at the Clinical Center Shkodrane Dardishta.

He said such statements were contrary to the party’s cause.

DUI has freedom in the cause and such statements are not in the interest of the party and the cause, said Ahmeti before the meeting of the General Council of the party in Tetovo.

Dardishta wrote a post on Saturday on social media saying that Macedonian political parties should not play with fire, after the opposition parties together with the BESA Movement announced a new parliamentary majority.

“We still have our combat boots in the attic of the old house – we can take off the white sneakers in a second. We are not orphans, we emerged after the war. Do not play with fire, because in the end you will burn yourself in it”, she wrote on Facebook.

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