Ahmeti authorized by DUI to make decisions on his own after inter-party talks


DUI’s central committee has concluded its meeting in Tetovo on Sunday at which party members discussed next steps following the offered resignation of the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and the announcement of a new parliamentary majority made out of three other Albanian parties with VMRO-DPMNE.

After the meeting, DUI spokesperson Bujar Osmani said that they have authorized DUI leader Ali Ahmeti to make decisions alone.

DUI’s central committee members, Osmani said, agreed that the Euro-Atlantic integration of the country has no alternative and that it is necessary to make every effort to guarantee the Euro-Atlantic course of the country.

“The central committee unanimously authorized President Ahmeti to continue talks with all political parties as an important and decisive factor after the parliamentary and local elections in order to maintain this progressive path and this Euro-Atlantic course of the country while talking to all political parties with both blocs, except those who are against this Euro-Atlantic course, against the strategic interests of the citizens and the state,” Osmani said.

He stressed that with the given authority from the central committee, Ahmeti continues to talk with representatives of other parties in order to maintain political stability.

“These talks are aimed at moving the country forward, on the road to reform, surely in close consultation with our strategic partners. The country is a member of NATO and has a responsibility for this Alliance and in that spirit in consultation with the partners we want to send a message to the citizens to be calm because as we have always known to keep this course of the country, to be the anchor of Euro-Atlantic values so we will continue and ensure a secure future for the citizens,” Osmani added.

Osmani said Ahmeti would talk to all parties except, as he stressed, the destructive parties, adding that all options are on the table with all constructive forces in the country.

“These are parties that are according to their programmes are against the strategic interests of the citizens and the state because we believe that it is the will of the citizens and the will of our allies and the interest of the state that such combinations should not be part of any planning. We will continue to analyze and discuss with all parties. Ahmeti is authorized to make a decision, and he will make the right decision,” Osmani said.

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