Opposition has the majority to overthrow the Government


Albanian political party Alternativa reconsidered and decided that all MPs of this party are unanimous in favor of overthrowing the current Government.

After VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski announced on Friday that there was already a new parliamentary majority in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, the Government is constantly putting huge pressure on some of the MPs who gave their signatures in favor of overthrowing it.

So at one point there was an impression that the Government’s pressure paid off when one of the Alternativa MPs Skender Rexhepi-Zaidi  said that he would not overthrow the government along with Levica, which according to him has an anti-Albanian approach, but he left room to see what the bodies of his party will decide.

Tuesday evening, the Albanian media reported that MP Skender Rexhepi-Zaidi will still vote for the fall of this Government, which has proven to be the most incompetent Government so far.

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