Pendarovski: Whoever is in power, the country will not deviate from the strategic direction


I think that whoever leads the next government, if there is a new government in the next year or two different from the previous one, that they will not gamble with our European integration. That will simply not be allowed not by the international factor, but by the citizens, said President Stevo Pendarovski.

“My assessment from this position is that the strategic direction, even in the event of a change of government, will not change. Because I think that regarding the key document that opened the doors of Europe to us, I am talking about the Prespa Agreement, if the current opposition becomes the government, it will behave the same or similar to New Democracy in Greece. When I spoke to Mitsotakis, he said that if he had been in Tsipras’ place, he would not have signed the contract. He said he could not but respect the agreement, even though he did not want it. That is why I think that we should not gamble with this, and no one who comes to power will gamble,” Pendarovski said.

The head of state added that still, with all the declines in Euro-enthusiasm, which, as he says, is obvious in all polls, still a predominant number of Macedonian citizens are in that direction.

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