Greek media: Zaev was saved at the last minute


“North Macedonia: Zaev’s government survives no-confidence motion due to lack of quorum in Parliament”, “Defeat for opposition in North Macedonia, which failed to secure 61 MPs to” push Zaev”, “North Macedonia: How Zaev overcame the proposal for distrust “,” N. Macedonia: Thriller session for Zaev’s no-confidence vote”, “North Macedonia – Zaev was saved at the last minute”, “North Macedonia: Zaev won the bet” are some of the headlines in the online editions of the Greek media for yesterday’s session of the Parliament, MIA’s Athens correspondent reports.

The Greek news agency ANA-MPA writes in detail about yesterday’s events, commenting that due to lack of quorum, the no-confidence motion against the Government of ZoranZaev failed, but also that a “drama with an Albanian MP” occurred.

The agency explains that the MP KastriotRexhepi from the ranks of BESA announced through social networks that he will not attend the session, and “opposition parties, including BESA, have raised suspicions even about the” kidnapping “of KastriotRexhepi, wondering if his life is in danger. ”

The online edition of the daily Proto Tema comments that the opposition failed to secure 61 seats, and that “the decision of the small Albanian BESA MP KastriotRedzepi not to follow the party line for the fall of Zaev’s Government created a tense atmosphere.”


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