Minimum costs for a family of four increased by MKD 200 in October compared to September


The minimum costs of a family of four in October increased by MKD 200 (almost EUR 3) compared to September, according to data from the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM), which prepares the union consumer basket every month.

According to these data, the union minimum basket in October amounted to MKD 34,584, or 550 euros. Food participates with 42.7 percent in the total structure of the basket or MKD 14,779 were needed for food and drinks. At least MKD 10,879 were needed for overhead costs, and MKD 2,390 for hygiene.

“Due to the increasingly evident rise in prices, it is obvious that we need a wage increase with which we as workers without worrying about our livelihood will be able to afford the least costs in the amount of one union consumer basket. Therefore, we appeal to accept the remarks of the unions regarding the increase of wages so that the trend of impoverishment of the citizens does not continue,” said the Union

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