Kastriot Rexhepi was blackmailed with wiretaps by Izet Mexhiti’s group


Albanian language Syri news site reports that the materials contained evidence of Kastriot Rexhepi’s inside dealings with the ruling DUI party, for whose benefit he was working to divide BESA and its former ally, the Alternativa party, but also his links to a recently founded Salafi Muslim group.

Some of the materials are part of the election campaign for the local elections in 2017 when Zekirija Ibrahimi from Besa was in a race with Visar Ganiu from the ranks of DUI. At that time the chances of victory of the Besa Movement in Chair were very high and indisputable, but the internal betrayal was the main reason for their defeat.

As the news site has learned from confirmed and well-informed sources, precisely some members of the groups supporting Izet Mexhiti threatened Kastriot Rexhepi not to vote for the overthrow of the current Government led by SDSM and DUI.


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