Mickoski: The dispute with Bulgaria is newly created and is exclusively a consequence of Zaev promising too much, to the detriment of Macedonia


VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski in an interview with the Croatian newspaper Vecernji List, when asked if he supported or opposed the agreement with Greece signed by the Government of ZoranZaev and which changed the name of the country, said that he had huge remarks regarding the adoption of that agreement and did not support it, because from today’s perspective the reality brought by ZoranZaev did not bring better times to the Republic of Macedonia.

Mickoski said that the citizens still live hard, that the country has not moved a millimeter on the road to the EU, health care is not completely free, there is no modern education and that we do not have a real fight against crime and corruption, something that Zaev promised would happen.

Mickoski also commented on the blockade of neighboring Bulgaria for the start of accession negotiations with the European Union.

“This dispute is newly created and is exclusively a consequence of the fact that Zaev promised too much to Bulgaria, although knowing that it is harmful for Macedonia and is not able to deliver it. And in that context we have no right to rebel against Bulgaria, because it is natural for them to protect their interests, but what really hurts is that our country is run by people who are ready to accept everything, to bargain with everything. It is not a matter of lack of understanding on both sides, but a lack of wisdom from the Macedonian Government. When the Prime Minister makes those promises to Sofia, he is not guided by the need to protect the state interests, but by the need to secure his position for another term. That is why he uses frauds against his neighbors, but most importantly such frauds are against his own people. Our red lines are drawn in the resolution that VMRO-DPMNE submitted and was voted by consensus in the assembly, which contains the need to respect our uniqueness and linguistic identity,” said Mickoski.

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