Pendarovski acknowledges that the Government currently does not have majority in Parliament


There should be consent from both sides for holding a leaders’ meeting, said President StevoPendarovski in response to journalists’ questions.

The head of state said that he should wait until Monday, because the situation at the momentin the legislative body is a stalemate, or rather 50 – 50.

“Let’s wait to see how the situation will develop as of Monday after this unsuccessful attempt to vote no confidence in the Government. It is clear that the situation is now path-by-path. “Let’s see if a new one will be formed on Monday, the existing one will be renewed or this will increase, which is the majority of 61 MPs so far,” Pendarovski said.

In response to a question about a possible leaders’ meeting, Pendarovski said that his position to hold such a meeting “from any aspect of the current political crisis, which began after the second round of local elections, requires mutual consent of the Government and the opposition.”

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